Comenius-Projekt Space II

Final report on Comenius-Project Space II
Exchange of students and teachers between
Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Denmark

Participating Partners:
Berufskolleg Beckum,
Střední škola Prague
Skive Tekniske Skole
Savonlinnan ammatti ja aikuisopisto


Activities of Berufskolleg Beckum

Within the framework of the Comenius project of the European Commission for International school cooperations following exchange events and projects had been established:

"Kick-off" – First meeting of partners in Skive, Denmark

From September 19 to 21, 2011 three representatives of each participating institution of Beckum, Prague and Savolinna met in Skive. The partners introduced their schools and the activities planned for the common project. Concrete schedules for the first journeys were arranged.  It was particularly agreed upon to engage different target groups from the wood technology department and to also motivate - among others - students with migration background, with special need for support and/or with social problems to take part in this project. The main target of the exchange is to become acquainted with the different countries and school systems culturally and with regard to their professional as well as educational competences. Another objective was to commonly manufacture a work piece of the wood technology sector. These activities should emphasize the necessity of lifelong learning and increase its acceptance for that.  
The workshop was rounded off by a framework program including plant visits and cultural topics. Here all participants had a good opportunity to become acquainted with each other.

Exchange with Skive in Denmark, Beckum in Skive

From November 28 to December 02, 2011 two teachers and six students of the basic year of vocational education (wood technology) visited the „Skive Tekniske Skole“ in Denmark. Together with five Danish female and male students they manufactured small key cabinets with classically guided drawers. An existing sample as well as detailed drawings served as constructional pattern. The students were manufacturing in Danish-German teams, hereby often aligning their techniques and working methods acquired in different ways with each other in English language.

It should especially be mentioned here that the students from Skive were already well acquainted with the use of machines. This knowledge was passed on to the German students, supervised by the teachers. On the other hand the students from Beckum independently organized a basic workshop “Finger Joints”. So both groups were able to learn from each other.

Besides their common manufacturing project the female and male students made a trip to Skive harbour, a city tour and spent an evening together. As a closing event of this exchange the students organized a poker night.

Exchange with Savonlinna in Finland, Savonlinna in Beckum
Simultaneously five female and male students and three teachers of Savonlinna visited the Berufskolleg Beckum. After a first welcome and meeting during which of course the partner schools were introduced to the guests and hosts in English, the common program of the coming week was presented and the practical work could be started.

The common project work piece was a piece of sports equipment that is typical for the region Münsterland i.e. the so-called “Speckbrett”, a racket made of wood. This racket was first designed and manufactured together in the BKB workshop (see photos). For this purpose the planning steps were first defined in three languages (German, Finish and English). 

Afterwards the CNC programs were written together and the blanks for the rackets were cut. Then these blanks were machined by using wood working machines and handcraft. At the end of this project week the accomplished rackets were used in a „Speckbrett“-competition in the gymnasium, starting with a common breakfast. 

Further activities during this week were a bowling night, the visit of a furniture plant, a city tour in Münster, a visit of the workshop at the Kreishandwerkerschaft (guild of craftsmen) Steinfurt-Warendorf as well as a cooking evening in the school-owned kitchen of the BKB where the Finish and German students prepared a meal together on their own under guidance.

Exchange with Prague, Czech Republic, Beckum in Prague and Prague in Beckum
At the same time from February 13 to 17, 2012 an exchange between Berufskolleg Beckum and Střední škola umělecká a řemeslná (vocational school of arts and crafts) in Prague took place.

Like in the previous exchange the project “Planning and Manufacturing of Speckbrettschlägern (wooden rackets)” was realized at the Berufskolleg Beckum. A cooking event in the school’s kitchen was held, a furniture plant was visited and a city tour in Münster was made.

The visit in Prague started with a city tour through the Golden Town too. Afterwards the students were taught the technique of wood carving at the school for arts and craft. Bowls shaped like butterflies and fishes were manufactured. This program was rounded off by the visit of an impressing exhibition, illustrating the life of blind persons and making it comprehensible to the visitors. The various impressions of the old town of Prague after a day’s work concluded the evening. 



School director Ing. Ph. D. Jana Porvichová, OStRin Doris Braun, Florim Nikqi, Lukas Gerdes, Nabil Katileh, Philip Steinbach, Pascal Falk, OStRin Hiltrud Krätzig, Kai Fiebig (in front)

(standing) OStRin Doris Braun, Philip Steinbach, Nabil Katileh, Florim Nikqi, Lukas Gerdes, Pascal Falk, (on knees) Kai Fiebig, workshop master Zdeněk Kučera, OStRin Hiltrud Krätzig

All participants are looking forward to the third and last exchange in autumn 2012 as well as to the closing event at the Berufskolleg Beckum in February 2013.

Exchange with Skive, Denmark, Skive in Beckum

From 24 till 27 September 2012 6 students from Skive came to Beckum together with their 2 teachers. The successful project “Planning and Manufacturing of Speckbrettschlägern (wooden rackets)” was also realized with our Danish guests. Further information can be found in the schedule. The Danish-German contact was established during the common work, meals and final sports event and of course during leisure time e.g. in the bowling center.



Exchange with Savonlinna, Finland, Beckum in Savonlinna



Final workshop in Beckum, 04   07 February 2013

The final workshop in Beckum was characterized by efficient work and interesting cultural events. The previous mobilities in SpaceII were evaluated and the suggestions for coming activities made. The partners were content that SpaceII was a very effective cooperation and very useful for the education especially for students with a difficult social or educational background.

For sharing material and results from each partner an internet exchange platform was created, added to the already existing blog. For the last months the tasks for each partner were assigned and the form for documentation agreed.

A factory tour to Westag &  Getalit AG showed one of the competent industrial partners of Berufskolleg Beckum.

The housekeeping department of Berufskolleg Beckum was involved in the service of the guests as it is usual when international guests are welcomed at Beckum.

A special event especially for the Nordic partners was the Farewell dinner: the carnival prince of Beckum visited by chance the restaurant and was very pleased to decorate a Finish visitor with his medal. And of course the music was very special for the guests.


One of the final results of the project was alsoInitiates file download this dictionary, which was created by the participants of Space II.

For further reports and pictures please see the local press and  website gallery of Space II.

To learn more about the project at the Berufskolleg Beckum, please contact Ansprechpartnerin Hiltrud Krätzig.